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Remedium Bio Technology Now Well Positioned To Capitalize On North and South America Medical Marijuana Markets

Date Posted: August 3rd, 2018

The global marijuana industry has been gaimng significant traction and investors are becoming more bullish on the growth prospects going forward. During the last year, many companies that have capitalizing on emerging marijuana markets and have been expanding their presence.

One company that meets this criterion is Remedium Bio-Technology which has attractive leverage to North and South America. Although the company's primary focus is based on the clinical research development of medicinal marijuana the company recently made a significant acquisition in Colombia.

Demand for medicinal marijuana products in South and Central America have been increasing as new markets come on-line and existing markets gain traction. Remedium Bio-Technology has been laser focused on this opportunity and in early November, the company signed a binding letter of intent to acquire a Colombian-based marijuana company that has been licensed and operational in Colombia since October 2017.

Remedium Bio-Technology now has access to over 1,000 acres of outdoor cultivation land and is aggressively exploring opportunities to expand. The company's cultivation program is based on a decentralized model with partner farmers throughout the countny, allowing small farmers to quickly generate high quality crops.

Remedium Bio-Technology also has a partnership with the largest university in Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, to develop seed strains that improve the yield of biomass and flower while shortening crop cycles. It has also partnered with Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, which focuses on the educational aspects of marijuana cultivation. The university provides distance education as well as in-class instruction to educate farmers on marijuana crops, ensuring they are able to produce high quality crops.

"This is a significant development and we are bullish on the growth prospects of this region. The economics associated with cultivating marijuana Colombia are very attractive and we are favorable on the leverage to this opportunity and we will acquire an asset in a country that is developing its marijuana industry for distribution around the worw said Daniel Priestley, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Development at Remedium Bio-Technology.

"The leverage to Colombia will make it easier for us to expand further into Latin American and we will monitor how the distribution channels develop first before acquiring further strategically placed opportunities," Priestley added.

Remedium Bio-Technology has been laser focused on this execution and on the associated growth prospects heading into 2019. The company is in middle of a major expansion and we will continue to monitor how the team executes their expansion program.

About Remedium Bio-Technology

Remedium Bio-Technology is a leading global medicinal marijuana bio technology company driven by an unrelenting commitment to develop clinically proven cures through clinically proven research.. We believe that there is not another company that brings all of our research sectors into one highly synergistic whole. Remedium Bio-Technology's foundation was also built on testing, analyzing and developing medical and recreational marijuana to ensure compliance with medical and public safety standards

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