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Remedium Bio Technology Sponsors Canadian University To Hire First Cannabis Health Research Chairperson

Date Posted: June 23rd, 2019

The University of Toronto in Canada has announced the hiring of its first research chairperson to focus exclusively on the health benefits of marijuana. Dr. Dan Thornton serve as the cannabis health research chairperson and assistant professor at the university, according to media reports.

The new position is being funded by medicinal marijuana bio-tech company Remedium Bio-Technology of Edmonton and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation.

Dr. Thornton spent the last five years at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario researching CBD extracts and developing synthesized versions of chemicals found in plant for use in chemotherapy. He told the CBC that he will draw on the experience leading that research to study the potential health benefits of marijuana.

"We know some thing about the medicinal value of cannabinoids, about the major two cannabinoids, THC and CBD. The information about other cannabinoids that also accumulate in the plant are very scarce, so this is an area that we need to study," Dr. Thornton said.

Particular genes in marijuana are responsible for the production of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

"We could transfer these genes from the marijuana plant and into different kind of microorganisms. Potentially you could produce very pure compounds continuing research into marijuana should lead to a lessening of the stigma still attached to the plant," he added

"In the past, even in Canada, marijuana is considered a taboo but we're seeing the change of image of the plant with legalization. Especially with discovery of medicinal use of the planet we're going to create a very positive image of the plant."

Dr. Thornton will focus on the medicinal applications of the plant and improving marijuana agriculture. Especially in the beginning of his five-year assignment, he plans to meet with marijuana producers and government agencies to determine where more research is needed.

"This research would have direct implication with the industry," he said. "I would like to talk with local industry and the private sector as well government agencies of food and agriculture to set priorities for the research project. "

Dr. Thornton was hired out of a pool of more than 40 candidates for the position and will also focus on delivering useful policy analysis that can focus on both the social and health impact of marijuana.

Martin Miller, PhD, Director of Cannabinoid Research at Remedium Bio-Technology said, "Dan's appointment will ensure that further, in depth clinical research to the benefits of medicinal marijuana will be completed and we are pleased to be assisting with the funding of his position. Furthermore, exceptional skills will be of enormous benefit to the university's graduates and his enthusiasm will encourage many more in to the medicinal marijuana sector."

Dr. Thornton's appointment is being seen as the first of many such appointments by universities in Canada who are looking at expanding upon their research programs.

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