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Remedium Bio Technology Secures Export Permit To Ship Medical Marijuana To The Czech Republic

Date Posted: July 28th, 2019

Remedium Bio-Technology have recently announced that the company has received an export request, has secured the required export permit and has now completed its first shipment of medical marijuana products to the Czech Republic, making this the 5th country in which the company operates or supply agreements with.

The initial purchase order was placed by, and products will be shipped to several Czech pharmaceutical wholesalers, who will subsequently supply pharmacies throughout the country.

One of the pharmaceutical wholesalers is Czech Medical Herbs, a distributor of medicinal marijuana products with a specialization in marijuana for medical use and medicinal products based cannabinoids.

"This supply arrangement demonstrates our ability to enter into new jurisdictions as the partner of choice in new markets with strong barriers to entry, is testament to the strength and business execution of our European business development team, ' said Haney Millington, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Development with Remedium Bio-Technology.

"The Czech Republic represents the 5th country in which we operate, and exemplifies how we are rapidly expanding our global footprint in the medical marijuana sector. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with our Czech customers and assisting with them in supplying patients in Czech Republic with our high-quality medicinal marijuana products," Millington added.

Marijuana for medical purposes was regulated in the Czech Republic, a country with approximately 10 million people, in 2013 and has since been legal as a prescri bed form of medication. The law allows patients a total of 180 grams of dry flower product per month, as prescribed by specialized physicians, and can be obtained using electronic prescription form.

While the country has some domestic production, product availability remains limited and importing products from federally licensed producers with approved cultivation facilities, like Remedium Bio-Technology, will continue to augment supply and help meet growing market demand. About Remedium Bio-Technology Remedium Bio-Technology is a leading global medicinal marijuana bio technology company driven by an unrelenting commitment to develop clinically proven cures through clinically proven research. We believe that there is not another company that brings all of our research sectors into one highly synergistic whole. Remedium Bio-Technology's foundation was also built on testing, analyzing and developing medical and recreational marijuana to ensure compliance with medical and public safety standards.

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