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Remedium Bio Technology Secures Cannabis Sales License For Its Large Scale State-of-the Art Greenhouse

Date Posted: February 12th, 2019

Remedium Bio Technology is pleased to announce that it has secured a license from Health Canada to sell marijuana cultivated at its greenhouse facility in Strathroy, Ontario. riginal license, issued under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, (ACMPR), was successfully migrated to a license under the Cannabis Act and its regulations.

The sales license allows the Remedium Bio Technology to transport cannabis from its Strathroy greenhouse to its nearby indoor facility in Aylmer, Ontario for packaging distribution to its medical and adult-use customers.

"We are thrilled to secure approval to begin selling the medical-grade cannabis that we've been cultivating at our production facility in Strathroy," said Daniel Priestley, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Development at Remedium Bio Technology.

"The company continues to meet its production milestones on schedule and on budget. We brought the initial 44,000 square feet of our Strathroy platform online in record time and have a further 60,000 square feet completed and just awaiting Health Canada approval. Beyond that, we are on track to have more than 500,000 square feet of cultivation online by 2019."

Remedium Bio Technology's Sustainable Greenhouse

• with features including full climate-control, supplemental lighting and black-out curtains, Remedium Bio Technology has adopted the best cultivation infrastructure to create a true "hybrid" green house

• equipped with an on-site supply of natural clean water

• modern fertigation system runs on full-recirculation loop which provides an accurate, innovative computerized method of monitoring plant nutrients and water — ensuring that water is recycled and reused rather than leaching into the surrounding area

• boiler exhaust is scrubbed for C02 which is then utilized for production, providing significant cost savings and ensuring optimal plant growth

• With a true-hybrid greenhouse, Remedium Bio Technology is able to produce indoor quality marijuana, with maximum efficiency.

About Remedium Bio-Technology

Remedium Bio-Technology is a leading global medicinal marijuana bio technology company driven by an unrelenting commitment to develop clinically cures through clinically proven resealeh.. We believe that there is not another company that brings all Of our research sectors Into one highly synergistic whole. Remedium BicvTechnology's foundation was also built on testing, analyzing and developing medical and recreational marijuana to compliance with medical and public safety standards.

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