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Remedium Bio-Technology To Further Expand Their Medicinal Marijuana Oil Research, Development And Product Range

Date Posted: October 12th, 2018

The marijuana oil opportunity, in particular the medicinal marijuana sector, is one of the most exciting verticals within the marijuana sector.

Demand for medicinal marijuana oil has been increasing rapidly as demand for smokeless marijuana products has been surging and this is a trend that is expected to continue. The types of products that fall under the smokeless product category includes edibles, tinctures, soft-gels, vape pens, transdermal patches, and many more. Demand for these products has been increasing, especially with the older demographic and this has created significant opportunity for the companies focused on creating these products.

The number of people smoking cigarettes has decreased significant and the emergence of the e-cigarette and vape pens have provided consumers with an alternate method of consumption and these products have been gaining massive traction. We are seeing a similar trend in the marijuana industry and expect marijuana oil producers to be a beneficiary of this.

Remedium Bio-Technology was an early mover on the marijuana oil opportunity and now have favorable growth prospects heading into 2019. They have been laser focused on the smokeless product opportunity for some time and have recently announced their intentions to expand their research, development and product range of marijuana oil products.

Earlier last month they developed a range of medicinal marijuana edibles which was a significant development for the company and is expected it to be a major value driver for the business. The development was a natural extension given Remedium Bio-Technology’s expertise in manufacturing high quality marijuana oils and provides exposure to the fastest growing sector in the marijuana industry.

The company is also working in partnership with several other companies to develop a concentrate and extract delivery system which revolutionizes the dabbing experience by providing a mess-free, full-spectrum dabbing experience that is combustion free.

Daniel Priestley, Ph.D., Vice President, Product Development said, “We are constantly expanding our research and development programs to allow for the results to be used to primarily assist end-user patients. We see significant growth opportunities available to us because of the in-house research and development we undertake. It has long been established that the more accurate the dosage delivery is, the greater the benefit is. There are several other products that we are currently researching and we will be making announcements on them in the near future.”

Remedium Bio-Technology further confirmed that it is focused on innovation and plans to develop new products that will be attractive to the consumer market. The company is bullish on the leverage of the edibles and dabbing markets and expect these to add significant value to the company.

About Remedium Bio-Technology

Remedium Bio-Technology is a leading global medicinal marijuana bio technology company driven by an unrelenting commitment to develop clinically proven cures through clinically proven research. We believe that there is not another company that brings all of our research sectors into one highly synergistic whole. Remedium Bio-Technology’s foundation was also built on testing, analyzing and developing medical and recreational marijuana to ensure compliance with medical and public safety standards.

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