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Tackling even the most debilitating and widespread cancers

At Remedium Bio-Technology we are constantly investing in to new research and development to tackle even the most debilitating and widespread cancers. Our mission is always to have a remarkable impact on people's lives. In the field of oncology, we strive to do this by uniquely combining our deep knowledge in core areas of biology with cutting-edge technologies, and working together with our partners, scientists, clinical experts, industry peers and patients, to discover and develop medicines that drive transformational improvements in cancer treatment.
We are passionate and committed to tackling the toughest challenges faced in oncology. Our oncology experts are constantly working to transform the way cancer, and cancer care, is treated and to develop and deliver clinical breakthroughs for patients.
This commitment and passion extends to the study of hematologic diseases, driving innovation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, multiple myeloma and other blood cancers.

Remedium Bio-Technology is leveraging our expertise in blood cancer for novel research in some of the most dificult-to-treat solid tumors. Our scientists combine deep biologic knowledge with cutting-edge research technology to advance cancer care. Remedium Bio-Technology is currently evaluating compounds in more than 200+ active clinical trials in various settings around the world as potential treatment options for 20+ types of cancer.
Our research has resulted in identifying ADCs that are monoclonal antibodies which bind directly to specific markers on a cancer cell and deliver a cytotoxic agent. ADCs will allow for the therapy to be delivered straight to the intended tumor target.
This oncology research will help us develop key therapeutic pathways and methods to identify the best ways to treat people living with cancer.

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