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Leading experts in discovering treatments for autoimmune diseases

Through exhaustive research and clirucal trials, Remedjum BiorTechnology have become leading experts in discovering treatments for autoimmune diseases.
We focus on treatments and therapies that will improve the standard of care for this generation and the next. We are constantly exploring uncharted territories oftreatment that will greatly benefit the patient and sufferer.
We will continue to push our own innovation within our immunology pipeline whilst considering multiple scientific approaches and investigating novel solutions to help improve patient care across avariety of autoimmune diseases with unmet needs. With more than a decade of experience behind us, we’ve developed unique technologies to optimize therapeutics in the area of immunology.
In conjunction with several of our partners, we helped develop a unique technology platform called dual variable domainrimmunoglobulin, (DVDs lg), which allows one drug to block two targets.

This is in contrast to a typical monoclonal antibody, (mAb), which has one unique binding domain with a single target to interrupt a disease process.
A DVD-Ig, utilizing an immunoglobulin backbone, incorporates two pairs of distinct binding domains that can bind to two different targets independently. Simply, a DVD-Ig is capable of engaging two different molecules.
Our research showed that addressing a single disease target, with a traditional mAb, can result in certain limitations of the therapeutic profile for the immune -mediated inflammatory conditions, as many of these disorders can involve multiple disease mediators. For example, in rheumatoid arthritis, distinct disease mediators can contribute to various aspects of the disease: inflammation, angiogenesis and bone and cartilage erosion.
These clinical breakthroughs are what makes Remedium Bio-Technology a ground -breaking medical bio-technology company.

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